WP Data transfer migrating easy & quickly

WP data Migrating new and another domain.

May be able to transfer images files under 2MB defolt.
Plugin “WordPress Importer” can 2MB under.

Capacity of the image data is, transfer method if you are beyond the default of 2MB.

If you upload as many as 100 pieces of digital image of the full-size in WordPress, 2MB is, will exceed.
In general, you use the plugin called WordPress Importer, default of 2MB becomes the upper limit, you can not even transfer using this plug-in.
Therefore, in many of the WP manual site, in the setting change of the server, how to change the upper limit of 2MB to 20MB.
You can change the management screen of the server, can only change the 2MB to 20MB.
So, if the amount of data is, what would you do? Not exceed the 20MB?
(Sites that explain this workaround, I do not see how to.)

easy transfer method of WP data, is a way to transfer without the losstime.
If clients Requested , before the answer “can not”.

WordPress easy transfer method of WP MEGA data ¥500.- for Pro use.

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